Justin Buzzi is the dynamic CEO and Founder of Get Up And Go Kayaking, a groundbreaking clear kayak tour franchise he launched in 2016. With a passion for innovation and adventure, Justin has grown the business from its humble beginnings with a $12,000 loan to a thriving enterprise generating over $5 million annually. The franchise now boasts 32 locations across 4 states, with notable franchisees including family members and old friends, reflecting the strong community and trust he has built.

Before founding Get Up And Go Kayaking, Justin spent a decade as a rapper, performing at various shows, creating anthems, and charting on iTunes. His corporate stint at GolfNow, part of the Golf Channel, ran parallel to his entrepreneurial pursuits, often involving late-night tours followed by early morning corporate responsibilities.

Justin’s innovative approach and commitment to sustainability have earned him numerous accolades. He was named in the 40 Under 40 by the Orlando Business Journal, received the Entrepreneurial Knight Award from the UCF College of Business, and was featured in Forbes for his sustainability efforts. Get Up And Go Kayaking was recognized as a Top New & Emerging Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2023, featured on The Bachelor and Teen Mom, and highlighted on Amazon packages during the 2023-2024 holiday season across 10 major US markets. The company also earned the title of TripAdvisor’s #1 Outdoor Thing To Do in the USA in 2021 and was rated #1 in the US by USA TODAY.

With over 32,000 five-star reviews and nearly $100,000 donated to conservation efforts in Florida, Justin’s impact extends beyond business. He is an active business coach with UCF’s Blackstone Lab, mentoring students with business ideas, and hosts several podcasts, including Get Up And Scale, Let’s Yak, and Building a Buzz.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Justin loves creating content, videography, photography, playing video games, recording music, editing videos, and building businesses. He cherishes time with his wife, Tia, their two dogs, and loves adventuring and exploring new destinations.

We're not going fast...

We're just going forward.


The pursuit of more has always driven me to push myself and those around me. I first picked up a camera many years ago and immediately found that I loved to shoot videos and photos. Along the way I’ve found a great passion in travel and adventure photography. I’ve been able to utilize this skill with Get Up And Go Kayaking in shooting content for each of our new and existing locations. Whether it’s flying my DJI Mavic 3 Cine over the crystal clear blue spring waters in Florida from my kayak or hanging out of a moving car window with my Sony Alpha 1 to capture majestic bison in the plains of Yellowstone, or even knee deep in the pitch darkness with my Sony A7Siii to capture the bioluminescence in the middle of the night, I’m always up for pushing my abilities. I’ve recently been loving shooting with my Ronin 4D with the unique capabilities of filming with an 8K cinema camera that can stabilize in 4 dimensions.

It’s not just capturing the right shot that gives me joy but the process of capturing it that really excites me.

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40 UNDER 40

I’m beyond thankful to be ranked amongst some amazing leaders on Orlando Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 in 2023.

Entrepreneurial Alumni Award

I am so honored to be awarded the UCF College of Business Entrepreneurial Alumni Award alongside Adam LZ and Jeff Stafford in 2024.




The common theme of my journey has always been about networking and expanding my reach. When I was making music daily I was able to network in so many different settings that it allowed me to adapt to many different business and ‘non-business’ environments. I’ve been fortunate enough to carry this skill over into the podcasting world. I find myself having an immense passion for talking to people and learning about different businesses, cultures, religions, and so much more. Traveling has also taught me to appreciate the differences in our world. Podcast is the culmination of all that – the experiences and relationships I’ve gained over the years are innumerable. 


Let’s take an adventure on a kayak while podcasting. GaryVee gave me this idea during a 4D’s session (deep dive) on my business. During this podcast we will paddle through unique locations with all sorts of different guests. We chat pop culture, life, struggles, successes, and so much more.


In this podcast alongside my cohost’s Kai Kaapro and Brett Ridenour, we discuss scaling businesses. As Kai and I have both grown to 30+ unit franchises, we have unique perspectives on growing businesses and especially within the experiences industry. We host a variety of guests that have grown and scaled their own businesses to discuss different tactics and their ‘secret sauce’ to their growth.