Justin Buzzi launched Get Up And Go Kayaking in 2016 with a $12,000 loan from the bank. In 24 months, he launched six new locations around Florida. Today, there are 14 locations with more in the works. Because of this, Buzzi has created the fastest growing kayak franchise in the world.

Justin had his first taste of entrepreneurship while becoming a rapper at the age of 13 and pursuing it as a career into his early and mid 20’s. After finishing up his marketing degree at UCF in Orlando, FL Buzzi entered the corporate world working for GolfNow. His first role was client support and over the course of 3 years Justin worked his way into his role of Pricing Analyst. In 2016, while still working at GolfNow, Buzzi drew up a business plan to take on his endeavor in starting kayak tour company. While many companies in the space seemed to have outdated websites and stagnant social media, Justin felt like this was an area he would excel. In just a year and a half from opening Get Up And Go Kayaking Buzzi was able to quit his full time job at GolfNow and focus completely on growing the company. Just a few short months after taking the leap of faith, Get Up And Go Kayaking was going viral. Insider posted a video of the clear kayaks and in just 3 days the video had over 5M views. Soon, companies like Buzzfeed, Unilad, VisitTheUSA, Travel & Leisure, and many others took notice and also started sharing Get Up And Go Kayaking. As the company started growing rapidly, Justin decided franchising would be the best route to facilitate the growth. In 2018 the company was officially ready to franchise.

In the first 6 months of becoming a franchise Get Up And Go Kayaking opened 2 new locations. To date (mid-2022) Get Up And Go Kayaking has now opened 19 different successful locations and several more getting ready. The company has amassed 235,000,000+ views across social media and continues to be noticed by many travel companies and business journals. The Tampa Bay franchise was awarded Top Overall Experience in the entire USA by TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Awards. This also came with a ranking of number 4 in the entire world.

Rock Springs Clear Kayaking - Get Up And Go Kayaking

As the company continues to grow rapidly, Buzzi continues to facilitate the expansion and enjoys creating content for all of the locations. Buzzi has also released a podcast, “Building A Buzz”, which touches on many important business, life, and growth tips that he’s picked up along the way.