BUILDING A BUZZ PODCAST: EPISODE 14 - The Mindset of a Super Bowl Champion - Trey Smith of the Kansas City Chiefs

Ep. 14 In this podcast episode, we dive into the mindset, milestones, and triumphs of professional NFL player and Super Bowl winning Trey Smith. Trey discusses his journey from high school football to the NFL. He shares how his commitment to resilience and persistence has played a pivotal role in his success. It’s clear throughout the conversation that Trey’s family has inspired him to become great. Throughout his life Trey has overcome many different obstacles and seemingly impossible moments that have shaped the standout player and person that he is. We also chatted about Trey’s college selection process, and despite initially disliking Tennessee, he expresses his immense love for the state after choosing to attend college there. Trey also talks about his future business aspirations outside of football, particularly his interest in the real estate industry and gaming. You can tell that Trey really loves playing for the Kansas City Chiefs and hopes to bring home another championship ring.

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