I’ve been fortunate enough to have some incredible speaking engagements over the last several years. I love talking about anything from entrepreneurship, my journey, social media, content, music, tourism, and beyond! There’s just something about conversing with others and finding a similar ground that hopefully leads to new perspectives that really ignites a passion in me.

Growing my business from a $12,000 loan to over $5M annually has really taught me a lot of lessons along the way that I love to share with others. Having over 300,000,000 views on social media has also given me a unique perspective on how to grow an online presence. There’s not too many companies that have achieved that many views in any¬†industry but specifically in the tourism industry. I’ve even had an amazing opportunity to speak about NIL (name, image, and likeness) with UCF’s Football team (Go Knights)! There’s a few tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way that I love to share with others and see if they will implement in their own businesses or personal brands.

Over the last several years I’ve also donated my time as a business coach at UCF’s Blackstone Lab. Each semester at UCF I go into campus and coach students one-on-one about anything business/entrepreneurship. Typically I host 5 sessions each day that I go in that are 1 hour each and I’ll do 4-6 days of this each semester.

If you have an event you’d love for me to share my experiences at, I’d love to chat about making that happen!